SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – You can expect to see more kids on foot or on wheels Wednesday morning because it’s National Walk and Bike to the school day.

Schools in the Springdale School district are participating in the campaign. Now, what makes Westwood Elementary unique is that it is a neighborhood school.

Principal, Kimberly Crumby tells us you won’t see school buses here. That’s because all of the families live within a one-mile radius of school grounds. Nearly 500 kids, K-5, go to Westwood Elementary. They are no strangers to walking or biking to school.

Crumby says this initiative brings the community together, and families who usually drop their kids off are all encouraged to participate.

“It gets them ready to learn, the more they move in the morning… kind of wake up their brain and gets them ready to learn once in the classroom,” said Crumby.

5th grader Lilly Rugg, says she loves riding her bike to school.

“It gives me a lot of exercise especially since I play a lot of sports. It can warm up my legs whenever I’m going to play a game or something,” said Rugg.

This initiative is all about cities and schools working together to create and promote an environment that is safe for kids to walk or bike to school. It also reinforces the importance of physical activity for children.

Crumby says it also teaches kids responsibility and to look out for one another. She adds this is an opportunity for families to practice road safety. On the plus side, it limits the number of drivers on the road near school campuses.

Kids are encouraged to use the sidewalks and the crosswalks when crossing the streets.

“One thing is we make sure we always have one of our staff members out here on the crosswalk. We always have a crossing guard here.. and that way we feel like kids always have a safe place to cross,” said Crumby.

Here are some other safety precautions to keep in mind, according to the National Safety Council. If you’re walking or biking to school it’s important to stay alert, avoid being distracted and look out for cars. Look on both sides of the street, for oncoming traffic before crossing the street.

If you are out driving, make sure you look out for the kids, slow down and follow all of the rules of the road.