FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – “If you ever watch the replay of the 1994 National Championship game against Duke,” David Alphin said. “At the end, Mike Nail was on there and as the clock ran out he exclaimed, ‘and Arkansas has completed a dream season’, and I’m thinking this is really sort of like that.”

David Alphin and his wife are getting to watch the tail end of this dream season in Indy, witnessing the hogs taking down Oral Roberts. 

“The atmosphere reminded me [of] when we beat Kentucky in Walton Arena and we missed that shot and Qualls stuck it back in right as the buzzer was going off, the kind of eruption,” Alphin explains.

And now the Elite Eight matchup against the Baylor Bears, a feeling he could sum up in a few words.

“Scared, scared to death,” he said.

For decades Alphin’s traveled around the country supporting the Hogs, a promise he made to himself after watching the ’78 National Third-Place game from home, alone.

“I thought what in the world am I doing here,” Alphin said. “I am never going to miss something like that, what a treat it would be to be at something like that.”

Monday night, he was apart of something great. A game not everyone saw happening, adding on to the dream season.

“We were picked halfway down the sec and here we are,” Alphin said.

Win or lose, Alphin said he’s proud of the Hogs this season and the name they made for themselves during March Madness.