HUNTSVILLE, Ark. (KNWA) — As we look toward election day, new ballot machines are helping early voting go smoothly in Madison county.

“They have been running very smoothly more than people realized​​​,” said Earlene Edgmon, a poll worker for over 20 years and volunteer. She said she is glad the county purchased 54 express ballot voter machines. ​Some voters were taken by surprise.​​

“I know it had intimidated some people but once they get in here and they see how quick and how responsive it is. They say this is soo easy,” said Edgmon.

Voter, ​Lonnie Cantrell said “I always used paper before, this was simple once they show you how to use it it is simple. I like it.”

​Madison County Clerk Tamitha Blocker said there are about 10,000 registered voters in the county and since February 18 about 500 people voted early.

​Mervin Weaver also votes early “​Most of the time I vote early it’s just seems more convenient for me and I can’t always vote on election day.”

“​It’s better than waiting in line and it’s better for me,” said Cantrell.

​Early voting is only taking place at the Madison county courthouse, come March 3, five other voting centers will be open for people to cast their ballots.

​Edgmon said she is encouraging people to vote early but doesn’t expect any issues to arise on election day. “​Why couldn’t we have this 20 years ago.”​