MULDROW, Okla. (KNWA, KFOR) — It was a cold, windy morning in Muldrow on Thursday, when at around 10 a.m., local police received a call about a horse caught in a dire circumstance.

Matt Goodson, a rural mail carrier, contacted the Muldrow Police Department and reported that he had just come across a horse in a ditch, wrapped in barbed wire.

Police responded swiftly and in full.

“Everyone at the PD went to the scene and – you can see for yourself – it took everyone,” Muldrow Police Chief George Lawson said in a news release.

When police arrived they found a brown and white 16-year-old horse named Mars MC lying on its side in a muddy, watery ditch, ensnared in what appeared to be several feet of barbed wire.

“I think he was playing with another horse and fell through the barbed wire fence and got tangled up in it,” Assistant Police Chief Tim Keith said.

Police used some creativity and their combined strength to get Mars secured in ropes and rolled out of the ditch.

The officers succeeded in getting Mars out of the ditch, but Mars was suffering from hypothermia after lying in water while it was 32 degrees Fahrenheit outside, Keith said.

Officers scrambled to get blankets wrapped around Mars.

“You’re okay, baby,” an officer said to Mars as he placed a blanket on him and gently patted him to give him warmth.

With support from the officers at his side, Mars stood up and trotted down a narrow path that runs along the ditch he had fallen into.

Candace Armstrong, Mars’ owner, said the rambunctious horse has a couple of scratches but is doing alright, according to Keith.

Muldrow police are thankful for Mars’ well-being.

“Thank goodness for the call, us being able to get him up, and the loving care his owner gave him when we got him to the barn,” Lawson said. “May you add many years to your [16] years, Big Boy Mars. Creativity played a big [role] in saving you, buddy.”