NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (KNWA/KFTA) — Thursday was a big day for the road departments in Benton and Washington counties. The crews for both still have big plans to continue treating streets into Friday.

Melody Kwok, the communications director for Benton County said crews will normally stop working at night. However, some crews will still be out to make sure busy intersections and bridges remain clear.

The crews in Benton County will be back full-force as soon as the sun comes up Friday to tackle any re-freezing that may happen overnight.

Randy Peoples with the Washington County Road Department said they will also have crews up early Friday to treat roads and their treatment will most likely continue into Saturday. Crews will also be out into the nighttime hours to ensure roads are in good condition.

Peoples said if you do have to get out on the road, you need to use extreme caution.

“If they can scoot over as much as they can without putting themselves in danger, if they meet the emergency vehicle, please do that,” said Peoples.

Kwok said people need to remember to share the road, give trucks plenty of room and not to pass on the right hand side of the road or shoulder.

You can report bad road conditions in Benton County by calling 479-271-1052.

You can report bad road conditions in Washington County by calling the Sheriff’s Office or 479-444-1610.