FAYETTEVILLE Ark. (KNWA) — Tina Andersen’s joyous laugh and positive outlook on life are inspiring.

“She handled everything with poise and grace,” says husband Eric Andersen. “She pretty much is the most remarkable woman I know .”

At first glance, you wouldn’t know Tina has overcome some of the darkest days imaginable.

“He took his final breath August 29, in my arms,” she recalls with tears in her eyes.

Her fifth child, Remington, lost his battle with cancer just shy of turning two-years-old. Diagnosed at just 8-months-old, Remington endured five surgeries, aggressive radiation, and chemo.

“So many people loved Remington. She was there for everybody. Friends and family,” remembers Eric.

Her courage to get detailed diagnoses and plans of action for her baby boy to beat cancer and stay alive kept her going. Her endless love for him keeps her going today.

“Ever since then, I just try to live for him,” says Tina.

This dedicated mom has a screen-printing business and donates her time to help groups and individuals fundraise with her products.

“Everything that I make has this flash on it and it stands for faith like a superhero,” she says pointing to a bright, orange and pink cup she made.

The flash and its meaning is a tribute to Remington. Just like her support for childhood cancer charities.

“We made big care packages, they had pillows, and blankets, and toys,” she says about the gifts she put together to help her long-time friend show love to 13 babies and their families currently battling cancer.

“She’s probably the most kindhearted person you’d ever meet,” says her doting husband, whom she met while Remington was going in and out of hospitals for treatment.

Eric tells us that Tina doesn’t need ‘thank yous’, just the opportunity to give.

“That’s my joy. That’s my joy box. And they always say fill your joy box. So my joy box is giving back and doing,” she says humbly.

With a large dose of faith, her mission is to make everyone’s life better any way she can.

“I want to do it the way Remi would. I just want to make him proud,” she says, crying.

Tina’s courage and selflessness make her a remarkable woman.

We’ll announce our winner and candidate for the nationwide Nexstar 2020 Remarkable Woman of the Year Award on Friday, March 6.