ARKANSAS (KNWA/ KFTA) — April Covington works as a Certified Nursing Assistant at the Veterans Hospital in Fayetteville.

When she’s not helping those who gave their all — she’s giving back to her church.

“I’ve just always kind of felt called to help people out and I’ve had the honor and blessing to work with kids at our church,” Covington said.

Covington has spent her life taking care of others, helping single mothers out through her church, and helping take care of sick family members including her grandfather.

“I spent a couple of summers in Michigan trying to help my grandma out because she was his sole provider at the time,” Covington said.

This spring, Convington will have been working as a CNA for 20 years.

She has a blanket that serves as a symbol of the impact she’s made on those in her care. It was a gift given to her by a patient’s wife.

“Every day his wife would come in and he would change the blankets on his bed – he’d have horses or he would have hearts,” Covington said. “He ended up passing away and we got a call one day from our boss from our office and she said i have a gift for you.”

His wife had picked out a special blanket that matched Covington’s personality.

“She said you went out of your way to always bring a smile to his face when you came into the room,” Covington said.

Covington is working on starting a new chapter in her life. She decided in the middle of the pandemic to go back to school.

“If all goes well, later this spring, I will get into the nursing program and start working on my BSN this next fall,” Covington said.

From there, the sky is the limit.

“Eventually I would like to either branch out and kind of have my own clinic or maybe get with a group of doctors and work with them,” Covington said.