SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KNWA) — A community is now mourning the loss of the Fayetteville newly-weds who died in a Texas car crash on Saturday, January 11.

Courtesy of Morgan Nuessner

Evan Nuessner was a beloved hog fan.

I actually spoke to him two months ago on a different story about Razorback football. I was on a mission to get reactions from fans about the firing of Chad Morris, but no one was willing to talk to me. I happened to stumble upon Evan, Sarah, and their friends at a bar on Dickson Street. When I asked if any of them would do the interview, I got the same answer I kept getting from everyone — “no”. While I was getting ready to walk away, defeated, Evan stopped me and told me he would do it. It was obvious he really didn’t want to, but he did it anyway because he knew he was helping me out.

Now while the story has changed, one thing remains.

Evan Nuessner

He just had that personality that would light up a room.

Karla Sprague, Evan’s Yearbook Adviser

Evan and his wife Sarah were killed in a car crash Saturday headed to Dallas from Fayetteville, according to the Sherman Police Department.

Evan Nuessner
Courtesy of Morgan Nuessner
Sarah Nuessner
Courtesy of Morgan Nuessner
Courtesy of Morgan Nuessner

Evan was set to begin a new job and they were ready to start their new lives together — as a couple.

Courtesy of Morgan Nuessner

Evan’s former Har-Ber High School Football Coach Greg Simpson and teammate, Hunter Kissinger, said they remember his spirit.

“Man you just talk about a kid who was loyal,” Simpson said.

“He was always out there trying to do the best that he could do,” Kissinger said. “He always had a smile on his face and was always encouraging.”

He was just a great teammate to have on your team.

Hunter Kissinger, Evan’s Teammate
Courtesy of Morgan Nuessner

His former Har-Ber High School Yearbook Adviser Karla Sprague said she feels the same.

“He wanted everyone to feel important and like they mattered,” she said. “He just loved large and lived large as well.”

Courtesy of Morgan Nuessner

Although 8 years have passed since they last walked the halls of Har-Ber High.

They all said they remember his smile and the way he made them feel — adding they are so glad he found someone like Sarah to share his life with.

Courtesy of Morgan Nuessner

“Evan was different when he was around her,” Simpson said. “That’s a compliment to anybody that you can change somebody and mold them in a way that you just fit together.”

Courtesy of Morgan Nuessner

“He and Sarah were always looking for adventure, always looking for fun, and enjoyed people’s company and enjoyed being around their friends and family,” Sprague said.

Below are some kind words/statements from close family and friends:

Everyone he came in contact with loved him so much and he immediately loved them. He made them feel like they were so important and he alwasys made you laugh.

Morgan Nuessner, Evan’s sister

Evan was someone that got along with everyone. He was someone you couldn’t be mad at for very long. He had a smile that would light up any room. He was a selfless human being, phenomenal friend, and well respected man. He will be missed by so many.

Edgar Caldera, Evan’s Childhood Best Friend

It’s truly horrible and shocking. Everyone is still just blown away & torn up. Evan & Sarah were truly fun, adventurous, kind, enjoyable people. They were constantly going to music festivals & on road trips. He’d just let us know Friday before they left that he was moving to Dallas with Sarah in Feb & was driving down after work that night to get started on his new job Saturday morning. Was planning on training for the weekend, then returning home. There are a million pics of those two on FB. They were great at documenting their adventures. I truly am blessed to have had the opportunity to minister their wedding back in October. I can’t believe their already gone. You’re going to find lots of pics of them smiling wide, which was what they both did constantly. Bright, wonderful souls.