ROGERS, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The Rogers School Board approved a financial incentive for substitutes on Tuesday, November 17.

With substitute teacher shortages becoming more common during the current health crisis, the Rogers School Board decided something needed to be done.

Now, subs in Rogers who work four days will get an extra $30, and those working five days, get $50.

Over a course of a month, subs could get an extra $200 for working all four weeks.

Rogers Schools Assistant Superintendent Roger Hill said when positions can’t be filled, it’s all hands on deck with teachers helping out during their prep times, and adminstrators covering classes.

Hill said this is disruptive and not ideal, which was why the school presented the incentive to the board.

We’re so grateful the board approved this incentive. We think this will be very very helpful and will show appreciation to those subs who are able and willing to work.


Hill said finding subs is always a challenge, but since a lot of subs are more at risk for COVID-19 due to things such as their age, this year it’s been harder.

This new pay incentive is only effective throughout the rest of the school year.