The Man Behind the Old Wire Road House


It’s a home that’s probably grabbed  your attention a time or two  right here in Fayetteville.  

It sits off Old Wire Road, and the yard is filled with politically driven signs.

The man who lives in that house is John Allendorfer. He said,   “Most people don’t understand what they mean.”

Allendorfer moved to the home nearly thirty years ago.

He says his creativeness started when the construction of the road caused flooding in his house.  

Allendorfer said,  “What actually happens is that the big plugs of pine needles come down this thing. Clog the ditch and it floods down there and I’ve built all of this. I haven’t been flooded since I built my own personal levy system. “

Politically charged signs sit in Allendorfer’s front yard.

For him, it’s his way of expressing himself since he doesn’t have a phone or social media.

Just as you might scroll through your Facebook news feed to see opinions about this election season he said this isn’t any different.

Allendorfer said, “People just drive by. It’s like the internet. It’s a million miles wide and a half an inch deep.”

Allendorfer said  neighbors have complained about what he likes to call his “prankster artwork.”

 “What kind of laws are there that only apply if somebody complains.That’s not a law. That’s a capricious thing so you can stand there and intimidate your neighbor,” said Allendorfer.

“If you’re driving down Old Wire Road. You probably have a lot of questions about the house you see behind me. But what you might not know, is there’s more than meets the eye.”

Allendorfer said, “I’ve done Tiffany restoration for Brooks Art Gallery. I did the only original artwork they let on the Orpheum Theatre Downtown Memphis. I’ve done churches on the National Historical Registry.”

The man behind the signs is actually a stain glass artist.

Inside his home he has two shops one where he  makes the stained glass and another where he stores it.

Allendorfer explained  one of his art pieces. “The moon, stars tell you where you are. Reading material, a garden animal.”

When you look past all the “prankster art’ what you find is beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.


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