BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KNWA) — It’s not just Hollywood where you’ll see the latest technology in action. You may find Bentonville Police Sgt. Gene Page typing and clicking, but he has no ordinary desk job.

“We want to make sure that we use every bit of technology,” said Sgt. Page.

One of his many responsibilities includes making sure his department is running efficiently.

“You only have so many police officers and they can’t be everywhere at once, so let’s be smart about our policing and find out exactly where we need to be and what time we need to be there so we can stay on top of it and be proactive,” said Sgt. Page.

With decision dashboard technology, Sgt. Page can pinpoint where crime is happening in his city. Whether its bomb threats, burglary or breaking and entering, he can locate all the hot spots.

“We can do a quick glance at where the crime occurs in the city and now we can go into it and determine exactly where you need your people at,” said Sgt. Page.

But he’s not just examining civilian trends.

“Racial profiling has been a hot button topic in the U.S. for years now,” said Sgt. Page.

In a system of checks and balances, he’s watching patterns among his own force.

“If there is an officer where some sort of profiling is occurring or if we are seeing a pattern, we can catch that early using this type of technology,” said Sgt. Page.

Officers use terminals in each car to report items like the race, age and sex of each person they pull over.

“We are using it to be proactive so we can identify it earlier and also prevent it,” said Sgt. Page.

Avoiding any instances of racial profiling in Northwest Arkansas remains a priority for law enforcement and Sgt. Page says it’s important to make sure it doesn’t happen in our community.

“We have a very diverse part of Arkansas, we want to make sure we are treating everyone the same and with respect. Let’s look and see if there is technology that can help us do that.,” said Sgt. Page.

Sgt. Page says the more data they input, the more precise it can be. And while racial profiling has become a hot topic across the nation, Sgt. Page says his police officers are committed to holding each other accountable.

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