FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — As universities across the country determine if and how to reopen in the fall, the University of Arkansas is getting closer to its own decision.

Prof. Bret Schulte’s a member of the UA faculty senate, and he proposed a resolution to give instructors the option to teach virtually. This passed, giving administrators something to think about in whatever plan is decided.

The UA administration has a lot to think about, Schulte said, and he added there wasn’t any definitive measures named when he asked about it a few weeks ago. Student housing, particularly in dorms and Greek Life buildings, should be at the top of mind.

“Pandemics like high density,” Schulte said. “Campuses are high density. A lot of people in their 20s, of course, can weather the virus, as well, but it’s not like they’re only gonna be surrounding themselves with people who’re in their 20s.”

Schulte said he’s not been made aware of the timeline for when administrators will announce any decision, though a June 1 date was floated in a previous report.