FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — The University of Arkansas is planning to provide several new academic programs with most of them focusing on climate change. 

“Several new degrees and certificates were proposed by U of A Chancellor Doctor Charles Robinson including 100% online degrees and certificates in environmental resiliency,” said Nate Hinkel with the U of A System.  

According to the University of Arkansas, the environmental resiliency and sustainability classes will help students deal with the challenges of climate change. 

“We are basically trying to help make a difference here in Arkansas and obviously even farther reaching but we really want to protect our state. I mean we have a really wonderful place to live and there are a lot of changes happening and we want to be prepared for that,” said Jo Ann Kvamme, the assistant director of the Environmental Dynamics Program.  

These classes were proposed by alumni. 

“All the courses we will start to offer come January not only were they suggested they were filled out and created by our alumni,” said Kvamme.  

Kvamme said this is a perfect time for these classes to become available and she’s incredibly proud former students are giving back to the university. 

“To me, the fact that our former students not only send us students but they want to give back to the University of Arkansas that gave them a lot and to help other people in areas where they have a lot of expertise and I think an engaging alumni like that is a win for everyone,” said Kvamme.  

There is one more step before the university is given the green light for the classes. 

“The final step of this process the president of the U of A Systems has been authorized to submit these proposals for appropriate action to the Arkansas division of higher education,” said Hinkel.

A doctorate in musical arts in music with a concentration in conducting could also be added. 

If approved by the Arkansas Division of Higher Education, the university will start offering the classes for the 2024 spring semester.