FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA) — Concerns over traffic safety after a woman is hit and killed on Wedington drive in Fayetteville. People who live near the crash site say they want to see more safety measures put in place.​

Some local residents tell us they often walk on Wedington drive to get to Walmart, the gym or the gas station, but the area is extremely dark at night and the sidewalks are not in good shape.

Thursday night, 61 years old, Cheryl Rae Anderson was hit on Wedington drive near West End Avenue. According to Tony Murphy with the Fayetteville Police, she was crossing from the south end to the north end of Wedington when she was hit by multiple vehicles. She died from her injuries.

Elizabeth Hughes who lives on that corner said she is not surprised by the accident.​ She said there’s a bus stop there and people often run across the street instead of using the crosswalk and as the area grows, she notices a lot more foot traffic.​

Michael Stovall said he doesn’t feel safe walking in the area “​broken up sidewalks where you can’t hardly walk. I’m taking chances every time I cross this intersection​.

“​There’s been a lot more people crossing Wedington without the crosswalk. There have been a lot more people not paying attention while driving. We have been rear-ended twice waiting to turn into our driveway​,” said Hughes.

The city of Fayetteville said there is a project underway to improve the interchange just a few feet from where Anderson was hit. The project would include wider sidewalks and the addition of a concrete island. It would separate the traffic from the walking path.​ If the designs are approved construction could start as early as November 2020.