FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Arkansas lawmakers override the governor’s veto of HB1570, but a political analyst says the legislator’s decision won’t go down without a fight.

On Monday, April 5, Governor Asa Hutchinson vetoed HB1570, which would stop people younger than 18 from receiving healthcare pertaining to gender reassignment.

Gov. Hutchinson argued this bill could negatively impact young Arkansans already under hormone treatment.

The Arkansas House and Senate voted to override his veto on Tuesday, April 6.

This is a black mark on Arkansas.


Evelyn Rios Stafford holds the title of being the first trans elected official in Arkansas history.

She said the legislator’s decision will not go down without a fight.

“We know that lawsuits are going to get filed almost certainly,” Stafford said.

Political Analyst Dr. Brian Calfano agrees — saying certain groups will probably get an injunction against the bill going into law.

“Essentially by arguing what the governor had argued which is this is an example of government overreach,” he said.

KNWA/FOX 24 asked Dr. Calfano if he thought the bill will go to the Supreme Court. He said it’s very unlikely and the legislator could instead tweak what they originally proposed.

“And maybe [come] to [some] kind of compromise with the Governor’s Office,” he said. “Or just letting the issue kind of die and kind of go away.”

Stafford wishes legislators would’ve taken steps to hear from trans teens before it came to this.

They are forcing these families to fight a legal battle on top of everything else that they are dealing with and it’s wrong.


Where the bill stands now, it’s on track to become law by summer.

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