FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — As women, we often put others first. Doctors at Parkhill Clinic For Women remind us that we should also be a priority. Having a primary doctor and an OBGYN under one roof can ensure proper health care for women.

“Some think that if they have both for wellness exams, their insurance won’t cover both. But, really, both are vital for your healthcare. And this model here has proven why. The woman here, since I started, are excited that they can come to one place and continue seeing their doctors,” says Parkhill Primary Care Physician Dr. Stephanie Lowry.

She knows the difference having both types of doctors can make in a woman’s life; from the first annual exam to birth control, cancer prevention, and pregnancy.

“We establish a relationship with the patients to get to know them, to get all their records collected and stored in our electronic medical record,” says Dr. Lowry.

This ensures any change in your health gets the proper attention.

“Determine what age-appropriate screens you need, age-appropriate immunizations, and review any potential family and personal risk factors you have for certain illnesses and then develop a personalized plan for you,” she says.

The more information kept in one place, under the care of the same doctors, will help a woman in all chapters of life.

“So we really just want to get to know each person individually, their beliefs, their values, their medical beliefs, and personalize a medical plan for them,” says Dr. Lowry.

You can learn more about Parkhill Clinic for Women, here.