Good Day NWA: Dine and Dash Dater Facing Charges


Admit it. You’ve had a date you wish you could bail on. Maybe you’ve even done it. A group of women are accusing this man know as the dine and dash dater of purposely luring them into expensive restaurants with the intention of leaving them with the tab. This is over a span of two years. The dine and dash dater is facing charges, that if convicted, he could get sentenced to more than 15 years in jail.

Here’s an import question regarding space travel, how will travelers celebrate their big venture? It might seem like a bit of a joke but champagne house Mumm is taking that task seriously. The company is working to create a bubbly libation fit for zero gravity. An astronaut was tasked with taste testing the champagne in a zero gravity simulation. The fizz comes out of the bottle as a foam that can be either caught in glasses or drunk straight out of the air! This puts a whole new meaning on a wine flight!

A traffic officer in India added some fun to the job by directing traffic with his dance moves. We put our good day nwa theme song to match his moves. The officer has become a local celebrity among commuters. He says he started dancing on the job four years ago as a way to catch people’s attention and make sure drivers follow the rules of the road. He says his technique has been quite effective and entertaining.

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