Good Day NWA: Tips for Sharing the Road from Caddell Reynolds


As the weather gets warmer and we do more traveling, especially on different means of transportation, it is important to always stay vigilant on our surroundings while driving.

 Watch as Tony Pirani from Caddell Reynolds joins Good Day NWA with tips on sharing the road effectively.

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See additional information below:

1. How often do these accidents occur in Arkansas? 

* In 2014, there were 1,326 accidents that involved motorcycles in Arkansas, 64 of which were fatal crashes 

* Arkansas truck accidents resulted in 78 fatalities in 2014, most of which were either pedestrians, cyclists, or the occupants of other vehicles (such as drivers in passenger vehicles). 

2. What are the main causes of tractor trailer accidents? 

* Falling and shifting cargo 

* Faulty inspection, maintenance and repair 

* Truck driver fatigue 

* Inclement weather 

3. What are the main causes of motorcycle accidents? 

* Unsafe lane changes 

* Lane splitting 

* Sudden stops 

* Cars making left hand turns 

4. How can we prevent accidents and share the road more effectively? 

* Always check your blind spots, this is possibly the number one reason for accidents involving bikes, motorcycles and cars. Bikes and motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles and can be more difficult to spot while merging or changing lanes 

* Be extra cautious while passing a motorcycle, bike or tractor trailer. Always make sure that you are several car lengths ahead of the motorcycle, bike or big rig before returning to your lane 

* Do not swerve in front of a tractor trailer or cause the driver to come to a sudden stop. It can take up to the length of a football field for a large truck to come to a complete stop 

* When making a turn always check to make sure that you are not cutting off a bicyclist

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