Cox is committed to keeping you connected, and is working to make sure you and your family can stay safe in the digital world this holiday season.

Joining Good Day NWA with more information we have Crystal Pichon, CEO of The Safety Place in Louisiana.

A lot of people worry about internet safety during the holidays, especially with online shopping. Is there anything technology can do to help us?

  • You have to do some research and take charge. Check out the site. Do they have contact information? Ask friends, etc.

You have to do some research and take charge. Check out the site. Do they have contact information? Ask friends, etc.

  • I’m glad you asked because a lot of times we already have some security in place that we just need to activate. I am a Cox Internet customer and have Panoramic Wifi. I looked into it and was thrilled to find out that I could set up additional security in less than a minute.
  • Panoramic Wifi from Cox includes Advanced Security. It takes less than a minute to set up.    
  • Cox Advanced Security works with Panoramic Wifi to deliver our customers a smarter, more personalized security solution for customers home network. ​ 
  • With Advanced Security, device monitoring is automatically extended to any device connected to the home network wirelessly: phones, laptop, game consoles, cameras, etc.    
  • Advanced Security uses Advanced Intelligence and machine learning to monitor and analyze wifi traffic and will automatically block suspicious activity in real time.    
  • You can get a daily report. Customers can review a list of digital security related actions that are taken each day right from the dashboard.  That’s important if you are daily shopping.  
  • Your network is scanned for threats 24/7, and you’ll receive an alert if any suspicious activity or danger is detected on your device.   

It also seems like kids are so connected to their devices and the holidays are a good time for family time. What can we do about that?

  • Parents are busy this time of year and the kids are home with more free time. We need to remember that the same technology that helps us connect to each other also has features that help us disconnect, especially for some holiday family time. And that is so important, especially for kids.    
  • The Panoramic Wifi app lets you turn on parental controls and block unsafe sites.    
  • The app also allows you to pause devices for dinner time, holiday movies, visiting with family or bedtime, for example.

Such good information! Any last tips for our kids?

  • Keep communication open. Let them show you how to use devices and discuss what they are doing online.
  • Make sure they feel safe telling you if they see activity that isn’t “right.”

Where can viewers go for more information?

  • There are so many resources at
  • For safety information you can search Safety Place LA on all social channels

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