Eat your heart our Peter Piper!

Watch as Good Day NWA shows you a fast and easy way to pickle those peppers, peter piper picked with Pearl & Johnny 10-minute Pickle Kits.

Pearl & Johnny 10-minute Pickle Kits allow even a beginner to pickle. The process is quick and takes no extra equipment.. Each kit contains an organic spice mix, easy directions, and reusable glass jar. The company is putting dill in the dill pickles! One of the reasons the founders started this company is they discovered there was no dill in any of the “dill” pickles on the grocery store shelf. The ingredients are also non-GMO and free of artificial preservatives, colors, additives, chemicals, flavors and extracts.

The jar is reusable. Pearl & Johnny uses a special label that peels right off without residue, making it easy to disguise as homemade! These make great gifts for gardeners or anyone who wants to try canning, this is a quick solution Get your kids involved with the kits… it’s a great way to help them understand where their food comes from.

There are 4 flavors:

  • Dill–icious
  • Fire & spice
  • Jalapeno and horseradish
  • Sweet dreams

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