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New York State is turning to humor to try to get people to keep wearing masks during the pandemic. Checkout this this PSA starring a character who looks like the serial killer “Jason” from the Friday the 13th slasher horror films. He’s walking around the streets of New York City in his hockey mask, unintentionally terrifying people while trying to fit in. He finds out it’s because he’s not wearing a “protective” mask. The tagline reads “wearing a mask can be scary. Not wearing one can be deadly.”

If want to be a part of baseball fandom without going to a game, well here’s your chance. When Major League Baseball returns fans will not be allowed in stadiums because of Coronavirus concerns. The Oakland A’s are calling on virtual fans to show support by purchasing cutouts that will be seated throughout the Oakland Coliseum for the entire season. The MLB says the cutouts will be authenticated and recognized by the league as official virtual fans. Prices for the cutouts range from $49 to $129. There’s even a few perks like if a virtual fan seated in the foul ball zone gets hit with a ball, the team will send the ball to that fan.

A senior care facility in North Carolina , came up with a creative way to ease the strain of social isolation on residents. It’s an old school idea with a 21st century twist, using social media to connect residents with pen pals around the world. It took just one question for the post on Facebook to go viral: “Will you be my pen pal?” Residents smiled for pictures while holding signs with their names and interests. The response was massive. Mail and packages poured in from across the globe including Germany, New Zealand & countries in Africa.

The organization behind the Oscars is moving forward with its diversity goals. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences announced it has extended membership invitations to more than 800 artists and executives as part of its 2020 class. The Academy said the invitees are 45% women, 36% under-represented ethnic racial communities, and 49% international. They include Actors Cynthia Erivo, Constance Wu, John David Washington & Eva Longoria.