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Instead of starting off by focusing on what’s streaming for movies and television, we’re turning our attention to music. Our Rick Damigella has a preview of streaming events you can check out.

Warner Brothers says it wants to help people learn more about the systematic racism that plagues our society. The company’s 2019 movie, “Just Mercy”, can be streamed for free on various digital platforms through the end of the month. The film is based on the work of civil rights attorney Bryan Stevenson, played by Michael B. Jordan. He is fighting the wrongful murder conviction of Walter Mcmillian, who is portrayed by Jamie Foxx. The company says the movie can help viewers understand how past injustices led the nation to where it is today.

Perhaps you’re looking for an adventure, in the great outdoors. Devils Backbone Brewing Company is accepting applications for what it calls its “Chief Hiking Officer.” The CHO will trek the entire Appalachian Trail which spans 2,200 miles, consuming and sharing plenty of brews along the way. The job even comes with a $20,000 stipend and free travel to the trailhead. Devils Backbone Brewing Company estimates it will take 5-7 months to complete the assignment which starts next year.

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