Good Day NWA: Malco Movie Minute

Good Day NWA

If a trip to the movies is in your Memorial Day weekend plan, there are plenty of options from a superhero with evil intentions, to a remake of a Disney classic.

Good girls get super bad in “Booksmart.”   Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein team-up as high school best friends on the brink of graduation. But after devoting themselves to a life of academic enrichment
They’re ready to take on the party arts for one night they’ll never forget.   “Booksmart” is directed by actress Olivia Wilde and is rated R.

Superman goes all “Dark Knight” in “Brightburn.” This twist on the superhero film asks the question: what if an all-powerful being came to earth not as a peace-keeper, but as an evil-doer? Elizabeth Banks and her husband find a little bundle of “destroy” in the woods. But the interplanetary foreign exchange student turns out to be a misunderstood loner, with the power to disembowel anyone who upsets him. “Brightburn” is rated R.

Will Smith enters a whole new world in “Aladdin.”  This live-action remake of the Disney classic features Smith as the genie a role originated by the late Robin Williams in 1992.   He’s been released from his lamp by the title character a resourceful peasant with brains and aspirations. And now with the genie’s three wishes, the young man can remake himself as a fresh prince to capture the attention of princess Jasmine. “Aladdin” is rated PG.  The soundtrack features classic songs with a twist “A Friend Like Me” with Will Smith and DJ Khaled, “A Whole New World” and a new song “Speechless” by Naomi Scott.

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