Good Day NWA: Malco Movie Minute

Good Day NWA

Watch as we take look at what’s in theaters in our Malco Movie Minute.

First up, a doll conducts a symphony of mayhem in “Brahms: The Boy 2.” This sequel to the 2016 chiller brings a new family to Heelshire Mansion. Katie Holmes is trying to find a quiet place where her troubled son can work out his issues. Instead, she finds the manor has a bloody history that may have something to do with the deranged doll her son finds buried in the garden. “Brahms: The Boy 2.” is rated PG-13.

Harrison Ford explores the secret life of pets in “The Call of the Wild.” This latest big-screen version of the Jack London classic features a computerized canine. “Buck” is a pampered pet in California who gets kidnapped by dog smugglers. They ship him to the Yukon where strong dogs are in high demand. That’s where the sled runner meets “Blade Runner” Ford, a grizzled loner who strikes-out on a journey that will allow them both to control their own fates. “The Call of the Wild” is rated PG.

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