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A day at a beauty salon went from mild to wild. A deer crashed through the front window and scurried around before fleeing the shop. A woman sitting on a coach near the window was hit by the flailing animal. The shop owner said she thought a car had crashed into the salon. Authorities believe the deer made its way from a nearby wooded area. Other than the shattered window, the owner said there was no significant damage to the salon. No one inside was seriously injured

It’s Scorsese versus Marvel after the legendary director says he’s not keeping up with the Marvel movies because they are “not cinema.” Empire magazine, a British publication, asked him if he’s seen the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. The Oscar-winner said he tried to, but it’s not cinema, and the closest comparison is theme parks. He also said, “it isn’t the cinema of human beings trying to convey emotional, psychological experiences to another human being.” Some actors are pushing back on Scorsese including Samuel L. Jackson who said “films are films,” and that not everyone likes Scorsese’s movies, either.

Her honor Barbie is headed into the courtroom. Mattel is introducing ‘Judge Barbie,’ complete with a traditional black robe and tiny gavel. Judge Barbie comes in four different skin tones with four different hairstyles. This ‘barbie Career Of The Year’ doll has a mission to inspire girls. The global head of the Barbie brand says she hopes girls will enjoy playing with the dolls and imagine themselves protecting the rights of others.

One restaurant is crawling with ghosts. Check out the decorations that ‘Angelo’s Two’ Italian restaurant put up south of Pittsburgh. There are creepy green tentacles and the ‘stay-Puft Marshmallow Man’ from Ghostbusters. Kids are loving it. One parent said his child made him drive around the building 15 times. The restaurant takes holiday decorating very seriously. During Christmas, an oversized Santa peeps from the roof and the facade turns into an evergreen tree.

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