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Good Day NWA: #MeToo Gala

It's an event celebrating the the strength and resiliency of survivors.

Anne Shelley with the NWA Center for Sexual Assault and Hannah Flannigan with Mercy joing Good Day NWA with details on the #MeToo Gala. 

The NWA Center for Sexual Assault provides a safe space for healing and hope to those affected by sexual violence and to constantly work towards a safer future for all through education and awareness.

The organization will host its signature event in November with the #MeToo Gala.  In previous years, this event was named, "Light Up the Night", focusing on "un-masking" sexual assault. The event was renamed #MeToo Gala with the goal of celebrating survivors in the #MeToo era, as well as giving all those who care about this issue an opportunity to echo the call of "I support survivors" with: "#MeToo" 

The gala will take place on Saturday, November 17 at the Peel Manison in Bentonville. Tickets are $75 and the night's emcee will be KNWA's Nate Kuester.

For more information about this gala and to purchase tickets, click HERE.

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