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The most stylish momma from Good Times, Ja’net DuBois has died. You may remember her as Willona Woods, neighbor to the Evans family. She played Janet Jackson’s on screen mother on the show as well. DuBois also starred in the cult classic “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka” and TV shows “The Wayans Brothers”, “A Different World”, “Sister Sister” and more. She also composed and sang the theme song to the iconic show “The Jeffersons.” Ja’net DuBios was 74.

You’ve heard that representation matters and it ‘s true. A young boy, Oliver, in a wheelchair spotted a poster in a Target store of another boy in a wheelchair. The photo captured by the boy’s mother has captured hearts around America. The child in the ad is Colton Robinson who has spina bifida. Colton says he’s not sure how long he plans to continue modeling but he’s happy he’s already made a difference in Oliver’s life.

Get your sweet tooth ready, Peeps is debuting 7 new flavors ahead of Easter. The marshmallow treats are the number one non-chocolate Easter candy that have been a staple in Easter baskets for generations. New flavors include Froot Loops, Hot Tamales Fierce Cinnamon, Raspberry Dipped in Creme-Flavored Fudge, Chocolate Pudding Peeps, & Root Beer Float Peeps. The company is also expanding its brand, partnering with Kellogg’s for a limited edition Peeps Marshmallow Cereal, and with International Delight for a Peeps Flavored Creamer.

Watch out Tony Stark, you might have a little competition. Could this be a real life Ironman? Jetman Dubai built a jet-powered wingsuit. The pilot took off from the ground and got up to nearly 6,000 feet, going about 150 miles/hour. He’d flown before, but never actually taken off from the ground. Now they’re trying to work on landing back on the ground without a parachute. If you’re wondering how this thing is made, it’s carbon-fibre and it’s powered by four mini jet engines.

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