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Imagine trying to wrangle dozens of Oscar nominees for a “class picture”. That’s just what happended at a luncheon for Academy Award nominees. The event is a chance for the nominees to meet and greet and celebrate their accomplishments. The luncheon began with a moment of silence for Kobe Bryant, who was himself a 2018 Oscar winner for the animated short film, “Dear Basketball”. The luncheon, by the way, served an entirely planted-based menu, following the example. The Oscars will be handed out on February 9th, 2020.

Foodmaker “Bush’s Beans” is going big – ahead of the big football showdown. The company created a 70-layer bean dip, which it says is a new Guinness World Record. It weighs more than 1,000 pounds, doubling the previous record that stood at 540. It contains 10 different 7-layer dip flavors including veggie, cuban, and fiesta – layered on top of each other. Bush’s says the 70-layer dip has been donated to a charitable organization.

Speaking of the big game, here’s a look at the most popular food by state, this is from Based on google searches for Arkansas, the results show blue cheese dip. Click here to link to the detailed map and more information.

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