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The newest Star Wars movie, “The Rise of Skywalker,” will begin streaming 2 months earlier than planned on Disney+. It will arrive on “May the 4th” – known to fans as “Star Wars Day.” Disney+ is also using the day to release the premiere of the 8-episode documentary series “Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian.” The arrival of “The Rise of Skywalker” to Disney+ will mark the first time viewers will be able to stream the complete Skywalker Saga in one place.

A documentary on Michelle Obama is headed to Netflix. The former first lady announced the anticipated May 6th release on Twitter. The documentary is based on experiences she had after writing her memoir, “Becoming.” It was released in the Fall of 2018 and went on to sell more than 10 million copies. Obama says the film will share the stories of the people she met after releasing her book.

A small business is looking to shake things up, dressed as delivery dinosaurs! A Vermont couple has been forced to downshift production at their small root beer business, but they were recently able to kick things up a notch after they started offering delivery via dancing dinosaur! The couple was gifted the costume by a friend looking to lift their spirits. Now they show up, music blaring, root beer in claw to spread smiles with a gimmick that, while prehistoric could end up making their sales meteoric.

A California city commissioner may have gotten himself tossed from office after tossing his cat during a Zoom meeting. During a teleconference the city commissioner began his portion of the meeting by saying, “I’d like to introduce my cat.” He then picked up his pet, and tossed it off-screen. A local paper reporting he resigned over the weekend, however, city officials say they have not received any type of resignation at this time. The city goes on to say that commissioner’s actions call for the council to consider his immediate removal.

If you are looking for fun online, the popular Google Doodle Games are back. For the next two weeks, Google is going to feature a popular game from a past doodle every day. Launching a new series of ten doodles. Each one is a callback to one of the company’s popular games. There’s going to be something for everyone from kids to multi-player games. Want to find it? Just google it.

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