Good Day NWA: The Force is Strong with These Yoda Babies

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Take a listen as people at a subway station in New York singing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” The song has a new milestone and it only took 25 years, it’s finally a #1 hit. The song has been covered by artists including Ariana Grande & Ceelo Green. It was also the magic behind one of the most heartwarming scenes in holiday cult-favorite “Love Actually.” Carey has cashed in big time on the tune. To date, she’s made 60 million dollars off royalties from the song.

The cuteness is strong with these babies. Newborns at a Pittsburgh hospital are lined up and ready for the latest “Star Wars” film. Staff dressed the babies up in special Santa hats that have big green ears like Yoda. A nurse crocheted the jolly jedi hats. Adorable, they are.

A staple snack food for kids is getting an upgrade. Campbell is launching a line of veggie Goldfish crackers. The plant-based snacks will come in 2 flavors, sweet carrot & cheesy tomato. They’ll hit grocery store shelves starting January 1 and should be available nationwide by March. Research chefs at Campbell say the veggie Goldfish provide a way for parents to introduce more vegetables into their children’s diets.

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