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Rapper Coolio has died at the age of 59. According to his manager, he was at the Los Angeles home of a friend when he died. Coolio, whose real name was Artis Leon Ivy Junior, had a music career that spanned more than three decades. He was best known for the 1995 hit “Gangstas Paradise” from the soundtrack of the “Dangerous Minds” film for which he won a Grammy for best solo rap performance. He also provided the theme music for the Nickelodeon sitcom “Kenan & Kel.” The cause of his death is not immediately clear.

Fans of the Halloween classic ‘Hocus Pocus’ can now run amok in the Sanderson sisters’ cottage. Spend a be-witching night in one of the most frightening houses on AirBnB. The replica of the cottage has been announced just in time for the release of ‘Hocus Pocus 2.’ If they dare, guests can book a stay at this spooky property in the remote woods of Salem, Massachusetts. The spellbinding one-night stay will be hosted by the three Sanderson sisters, on October 20 for two guests, at only $31. Those looking to get in the Halloween spirit will be able to create their own calming circle, try their hand at the ancient spellbook, and screen the long-awaited follow-up, “Hocus Pocus 2,” which begins streaming on September 30th.

M&M’s is adding a new character to its cast of m&m candies for the first time in a decade. Mars, Inc. has announced the addition of purple, a female peanut M&M. To celebrate the brand released a music video called “I’m Just Gonna Be Me,” in which purple performs her first dance number as she joins the group. In the video, purple feels nervous that she will fit in. Before she asserts “I’m Just Gonna Be Me,” and is joined by the other M&M characters. Other notable changes for 2022, each character’s unique shape was made more defined, and their color palette refined… moving from a tan color on their arms and legs to a more universal clearer hue, slightly tinted for each to match their shell.