Mocktail Mo is a pro at bringing people, places, and delicious drinks of the alcohol-free lifestyle together. She does all of that in one juicy segment on Good Day NWA. She also sheds light on the alcohol-free trend we are seeing right now.

Watch as Michae Orfanos “Mocktail Mo” joins Good Day NWA with a mocktail inspired by Spring.

4 oz Ritual Rum alternative

3 oz Ritual Tequila alternative

2 oz coconut milk

2 oz pineapple juice from a can of pineapple tidbits in juice ( 3-4 pineapple tidbits for muddling and garnish)

2 Tbs Evaporated milk (+ a little for the glass rim)

2 Tbs CocoLopez coconut cream

3 strawberries + 1 for garnish

1/4 limeSweetened shredded coconut flakes

To start: Dip the rim of the glass in evaporated milk.  (not too much or it will drip everywhere)Press coconut flakes onto the rim of the glass to adhere to the evaporated milk, set aside 

Next Steps: In a shaker add Strawberries, Pineapple, pineapple juice, and lime juice/ muddle together until fruit is pulverized. Add- coconut cream, coconut milk, and evaporated milk – stir into the muddled mixture. Add – Ritual Rum and TequillaAdd – Ice and shake until your hands are cold. Pour into the glass through a strainer so as to keep fruit and ice bits from getting into the glass.