NORTHWEST ARKANSAS, (KNWA/KFTA) — Brightwater, the center for the study of food program at Northwest Arkansas Community College preparing to teach culinary skills during the pandemic. Brightwater students will master their skills in the kitchen while staying safe.

“It’s going to be a little different, there’s not going to be free range of running around in the kitchen. You’re going to have a station and you’re going to work at that station,” said Marshall Shafkowitz, the Executive Director for Brightwater.

He said several plans are in place to protect the culinary students and staff during the COVID-19 crisis.

“Rather than putting these real bulky barriers in classrooms that hamper safety this combination of the face-shield and the mask is really going to provide the safest environment.”

Enhancements have also been made in the classrooms for virtual learning.

Some of those new technologies include the Swivl which follows the instructor in the room, live streaming their lessons and students on the other side of the screen don’t miss a thing.

“Whether I have no students in class or 12 students in class I can still project in a remote environment to students who are here and are at home.”

“You’ll see that the facilities will be sanitized after every use. Every classroom will be outfitted with the appropriate supplies,” said Justin White the Associate VP for Student Services.

Temperatures will be checked before coming inside and with the use of a smartphone, students will scan a QR code to complete a contact tracing questionnaire.

“That form really just asks where are you going on campus whether it’s Brightwater or any of the other buildings at NWACC. It will also ask for your name, are your feeling ill, do you have a temperature?”

Shafkowitz said staff is working on a plan, in case in-person classes are suspended. An option is having students pick up ingredients weekly and follow courses from their own kitchen. Ingredients are covered by their student lab fees. He said they will be prepared to shift completely to remote instructions if needed.