Dr. Anthony Fauci says how you socialize with family and friends depends on where you live.

But with proper precautions and distancing, Fauci says even he plans to get outside and enjoy this memorial day weekend.

“I’m gonna do that with my wife and my daughter and our dog, and we’re gonna go out. having a mask on.” Dr. Fauci said.

Appearing on Nexstar’s Coronavirus House Calls this weekend, Fauci says if you live where there is very little infection:

“I might think about having a group, a meeting with people, of five or ten people getting together, bar-b-queing, as long as we stay separate from each other and wash our hands.” Dr. Fauci said.

Fauci said Memorial Day travel can be safe, depending on the infection rate where you’re going.

“If you’re going to an area that looks reasonably well contained, then i think you can feel comfortable.” he said.

But for those at high risk:

“I would not recommend right now, virtually anywhere, someone who has an underlying condition, superimposed upon age, to be doing any airplane travelling right now. The one thing we want to keep emphasizing is that we need to protect the vulnerable.” he said.

Like those in america’s nursing homes, which have seen a high rate of infection and spread.

“You do not try to visit in the nursing homes unless you are absolutely sure that you are not infected, and sometimes it’s really difficult to provide that assurances.” he said.

Education leaders across the country are preparing for going back to school in the fall. But Fauci reminds: each school will face different challenges.

“The difference between a school in Wyoming, or Arkansas, or Detroit, or New York, is going to be very very different.”

The CDC released new guidelines for local schools just this week. But will the “New normal” resemble the “Old normal?”

“The new normal will likely be for at least a cycle or more through seasons that we will have to have special precautions of things that we likely should have been doing anyway.”

Fauci said that while this virus won’t likely be eradicated, it is already being contained in some areas of the country. He says that this today and every day, protecting the nation’s most vulnerable people remains a top priority.