NWA’s only residential Rehab center closing


(KNWA/KFTA) —  Financial hardships and unable to meet COVID -19 directives caused a residential rehab facility in NWA to shut its doors. Program Director, Paul Base said he is worried this will lead some clients to relapse.

“We had to put a lot of people out, a lot of people who were not finished with their  recovery and not ready to go to their next step.”

Owned by Quapaw House Inc., Decision Point, a substance abuse facility for residential and outpatient treatment in Bentonville is closing Friday. Base said the pandemic also took them over the edge.

“The state put directives on us to have one staff per every 10 clients, there wasn’t enough staff to have a safe environment  to meet the requirements that the state set.” 

Regional Detox Specialist, Kachia Philips said several employees including her have not been paid by Quapaw House in weeks.

“We hung on as long as we could and we stayed until the very end, and of course we are all going to file for unemployment now,” said Phillips.

The rooms have been emptied and a total of 27 adults receiving inpatient care have been transferred to other facilities. Another 50+ people coming in for treatments were referred to outpatient centers for care with hopes they continue with their programs.

“To be just starting their program or be in the middle of their program, and then to find out they will be discharged with an uncertain future, I would imagine a lot of them will relapse,” said Base.

“We need this place here, we need this place in our community. we want to help people get better and we have a wonderful team who is ready to help and get back out there,” said Phillips.

Base said they are looking for funding to one day reopen the facility.

We reached out to Quapaw House for comments but have not heard back yet.

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