WEST FORK, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Schools will have a different feel this fall and speaking to young kids about COVID-19 and how they can protect themselves can be challenging.

Local parents tell their kids that if they want to keep their school family safe, they need to keep the germs away.

Jennifer Cisneros, is a mom and a teacher. She recommends parents to have an honest conversation about COVID-19 with their children.

She told her son that there are germs going around that can make him sick and to go to school he will have to follow new rules.

Those rules include wearing a face covering, keeping his distance from other people and washing his hands more often.

Parents say it’s a team effort.

“You just explain to them that these germs are in the air and we have to protect our face from them and that is why we have to cover our face,” said Cisneros.

“We just made handwashing a game, he’s at an age where handwashing is still fun,” said Dyanna Schwab.

“We have reinforced to them that it’s their job to keep themselves, their class and teacher safe,” said Catrina Anderson.

Parents also suggest keeping the conversation age-appropriate.