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Cameron Diaz is coming out of retirement but needed some help! 

Diaz, now a wine maker and author and famous for movies like “Gangs of New York,” “Charlie’s Angels” and “Something About Mary,” retired from acting in 2018 but has now signed on to make the movie “Back in Action” co-starring Jamie Foxx. 

Diaz and Foxx posted a call between them on social media. 

In the audio, Diaz is feeling nervous so Foxx threw a “hail mary” to Tampa Bay Bucs quarterback, Tom Brady, for the touchdown. 

Of course, Brady knows a thing or two about unretiring.  

Foxx said “Back in Action” will begin filming later this year.

Joey Chestnut put his title of ‘Top Dog’ on the line over the weekend at the annual Nathan’s hot dog eating contest.

Last year, ‘Jaws’ as he is known by some, demolished a record 76 dogs and buns in ten minutes. 

This year he aimed to break that mark and take home his 15th Mustard Belt. 

Chestnut faced some stiff competition but found another gear late. 

He polished off 63 this year. Not enough to set a new record but he was still 20 ahead of everybody else in the competition. 

Chestnut wins his 15th belt and retains his crown.

Stranger Things season 4 set a streaming record for Netflix. 

According to Neilsen, the show had 7.2 billion minutes of viewing in the U.S. between May 30 and June 5. 

That’s the highest one-week total since Nielsen began tracking streaming numbers two years ago. 

The previous record holders were “Tiger King” and “Ozark” season three, which each earned 5 billion minutes of viewing in the spring of 2020 at the height of the pandemic lockdown.

Let’s get to a few viral moments taking over social media. 

Usher is living his best life. He has a residency in Las Vegas and currently is one of the most popular memes I’m seeing on my social media timeline. 

The superstar singer performed a tiny desk concert with NPR. He was singing “Confessions Part Two,” which is from his biggest album “Confessions.” 

So he’s singing and goes “watch this” and just his motions alone have the internet using it as a meme. Or when they say “Uno” but you have a draw four. Just Google Usher meme and get ready for a good laugh.

This is the collaboration that we didn’t think we needed and now it’s all I can think about. 

Backstreet Boys, who were just here in NWA, made a stop in Toronto for their DNA tour, and well, you have the city’s ambassador stop through when that happens.

Drake got on stage with the boy band and helped them belt out “I Want It That Way.” 

Social media went crazy over this. 

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