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The economy may be scary, but Halloween fans are ready to spend.

The National Retail Federation projects Halloween sales of more than $10.5 billion this year. 

Consumers participating in the holiday are expected to dole out an average of $100 dollars on candy, decorations, cards, and costumes. 

Spending on costumes is expected to reach its highest amount in the past five years, totaling about $3 billion.

And, spending on pet costumes is expected to reach $710 million dollars, beating last year’s record. 

It’s the taco night accessory you didn’t know you needed… It’s called the “fiesta flask.”

One half of the flask holds tequila and the other holds hot sauce. The item comes from a collaboration between Camarena tequila and Tapatio hot sauce. 

Each side has a clear window panel that allows you to see what’s inside.  

Camarena is giving away the flask through sweepstakes that will end Oct. 4, which is National Taco Day. 

Fans who want a chance to win the flask can visit Camarena tequila’s Instagram account and comment and like on the sweepstakes post using the hashtags fiesta-flask and sweeps. 

After a year away, the Golden Globe awards are returning to NBC. 

The show will air once again on NBC on Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2023 from its traditional home at the Beverly Hilton. 

The awards did not air on NBC earlier this year after widespread objections in Hollywood to the membership of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which gives out the awards. 

It was revealed the organization had zero Black members and the HFPA has undertaken efforts since to enlarge and diversify its ranks. 

Nominations for the awards, which honor the best in TV and movies, are slated for Dec. 12. 

It’s a whodunnit featuring an all-star cast— “Amsterdam.” 

The film is directed by David O’ Russell is based on a real incident in the 1930s and follows three friends who, after stumbling upon a secret plot, get blamed for a crime and they go on a quest to clear their name. 

The film stars Christian Bale, Robert de Niro, John David Washington, Margot Robbie, Rami Malek, Zoe Saldana, Taylor Swift and Michael Shannon.  

There’s even some star power behind the scenes as Drake serves an executive producer.

“Amsterdam” opens nationwide on Oct. 7.

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