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The nation’s 39th president – Jimmy Carter – celebrated his 98th birthday on Saturday in his hometown of Plains, Georgia. 

Jimmy Carter commemorated his birthday with family, friends, and baseball. 

Carter is the longest-living U.S. president in history who won the 1976 presidential election after defeating President Gerald Ford. 

The former president and first lady Rosalynn opened the Carter Center in Atlanta in 1982 and Carter did not retire officially from the board until 2020. 

The center opened with a stated mission “To advance peace, human rights, and public health causes around the world.” 

Former President Carter won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002. 

He spent his post-presidential work on advocacy for justice, writing books, volunteer work, and teaching Sunday school classes. 

A cat in Michigan breaks the world record for being the tallest domestic feline.  

The Savannah cat is a hybrid combination of an African Serval and a domestic cat…”Fenrir” measures almost 19 inches tall.  

Its owner William John Powers is not only the owner of the current record holder but the previous one. 

“Fenrir’s brother “Arcturus” measured 19.5 inches tall in 2016, but he died in a house fire.  

Powers is the owner of the cat, which has broken the record for the longest tail he doesn’t only own the only the current holder but the previous ones.  

He says it feels surreal to own not one but four cats that have broken world records.

We love to give you many reasons to celebrate every day here in NWA and here’s another reason to celebrate. Many on social media are celebrating October 3 as “Mean Girls Day.”  

It’s all because of an iconic scene from the movie where Aaron Samuels, a senior, and Cady Heron have their first real conversation.  

Aaron turns around in class and asks Cady what day it is — the answer, of course, is October 3. 

Moviegoing audiences kicked off the month of October with a horror movie.  

Studio estimates on Sunday show Paramount’s “Smile” easily topped the North American charts with $22 million in ticket sales and left Universal’s rom-com “Bros” in the dust.  

Billy Eichner’s high-profile but modestly budgeted “Bros” launched with an estimated $4.8 million to take fourth place behind “Don’t Worry Darling” and “The Woman King.”  

But opening weekends likely aren’t the final word on either film.  

Horror movie audiences are generally front-loaded. “Bros” got great reviews and an A cinemascore.  

That suggests strong word-of-mouth potential that could allow it to continue finding audiences through the fall.

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