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Several trailers were released this week.

Ethan Hunt and the gang are off on another globe-trotting adventure when the seventh installment of the “Mission: Impossible” franchise launches next summer.

The movie also features a cast of regulars like Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, and Rebecca Ferguson as well as new additions like Vanessa Kirby and Hayley Atwell to name a few.

The film is once again being directed by Christopher McQuarrie making this his third time to direct a Mission: Impossible movie.

The Russo Brothers, known as fixtures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, have pitted Ryan Gosling against Chris Evans in the trailer to the upcoming Netflix film “The Gray Man.” 

The plot revolves around the CIA’s most skilled operative who accidentally uncovers dark agency secrets, then a former colleague puts a bounty on his head, setting off a global manhunt by international assassins.

The film is rated PG-13 and drops in select theatres on July 15 and on Netflix July 22.

It’s 50% sweet, 50% salty and 100% delicious. 

That’s the caption from Oreo and Ritz Crackers‘ social media. It’s the collaboration we didn’t know we needed.

A snack that’s one side Oreo creme and one side Ritz peanut butter creme. 

If your taste buds are curious… this sweet and salty snack will be available on Thursday in limited quantities.

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