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A documentary on the 2008 U.S. Men’s Basketball Team will premiere on Netflix this fall. 

The documentary will highlight the “Redeem Team,” and will chronicle the 2008 team’s bid for gold in the Beijing games. 

“Redeem Team,” will feature behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with players and coaches. 

Kobe Bryant was captain of the 2008 team, which also included Lebron James and Dwayne Wade, who serve as executive producers, Jason Kidd, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony. The team, whose nickname referenced the fabled 1992 “Dream Team,” beat Spain in the gold medal game. 

This next story is wild! 

An elderly woman drove her SUV on the second floor of a Massachusetts mall.

In the video, you can see officers walking beside the vehicle as it backs up in front of several stores. 

What’s interesting is how the car came to be in the mall — the driver drove over the pedestrian bridge from a parking garage, and one of the safety bollards was missing from the entrance according to police. 

The sensor doors opened and the woman drove into the mall, then took a left and drove about 60 yards down the corridor. 

Police say no one was injured. 

We’re sending birthday wishes to Sister Jean, who celebrated her 103rd birthday over the weekend. 

A special tribute was bestowed upon Sister Jean, who gained national acclaim in 2018 during the Loyola Chicago University Ramblers’ unexpected run to the Final Four in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. 

She has been the chaplain of the men’s basketball team since 1994. 

Chicago mayor and Illinois governor were on hand for the unveiling of Sister Jean’s big gift. 

The plaza outside the Loyola stop on the CTA red line was re-named in her honor. 

It will now be known as Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt Plaza. 

Here’s a story close to us in NWA: A pet owner was in for a surprise after learning her cat gave birth to a kitten with what appeared to be two faces. 

Harrison resident Ariel Contreras is now the owner of a Janus kitten. 

The condition is a rare genetic mutation caused by excess protein production while in the womb. 

Janus cats are extremely rare, with only a handful of known cases in the modern era. 

Contreras named the kitten Harvey after the fictional Batman villain, Two-Face.

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