From the Tiger King Park rescue, we would like to formally introduce you to Bagheera (pronounced Bah- gear-ah), the black jaguar. If you have seen Disney’s The Jungle Book, you will remember that one of the main characters was a black big cat named Bagheera. However, since that story is based on the continent of Asia, it would have been a black leopard. Both jaguars and leopards have a black variation, and you can still see their spots up close!

Bagheera’s transformation story will be featured in our Winter Newsletter.  In short, he originally shared an enclosure at Tiger King Park with two female white lions. The lions, much bigger than him, bullied him to the point that he had hair loss on his hindquarters from the stress.  Within a few months at his new home at Turpentine Creek, his hair grew back.  At first, he was afraid of cameras, which suggests that he likely associates cameras with his previous experiences in the cub petting industry and of exploitation. 

Over the last months, Bagheera has regained his trust in humans and has allowed us to take more photos of him. He hogs all of his toys into his night house, likely because he previously lived with the two lions that never let him enjoy his own toys. Bagheera also loves to run up and down his log jungle gym that we have in his habitat to allow him to act like a wild jaguar, doing parkour moves through the trees.

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