Luna was rescued in 2020 from Dade City, FL, in an investigation into a roadside zoo. PETA filed a lawsuit against the business for violating the Endangered Species Act, keeping animals in small enclosures, and prematurely pulling cubs from their mothers for profitable interactions with the public.  PETA put together a video of their investigation and our rescue of Luna and Remington, available here for you to watch.

Luna has a very playful and wild personality, always stalking Animal Care Staff and expressing her excitement through pouncing and chuffs of joy.  Her life at the Refuge is completely different from the one she had at Dade City; rather than treated as a business tool, Luna is seen by TCWR as a tiger and gets to live out the rest of her days in a large grassy habitat, making her own decisions and rules.

Because she usually is so active, Luna recently went for an exam by Dr. Kellyn when Animal Care Staff noticed she wasn’t moving as spry as she normally does. We discovered that Luna has developed some severe arthritis. She was immediately put on our pain management program and, over the last few weeks, is back to running around throughout her habitat. 

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