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Happy Birthday to Queen Elizabeth who is celebrating her 96th birthday. The Queen will celebrate her birthday at her Norfolk estate in Sandringham, where she will be joined by family and friends.

Students at MIT are busy doing ground-breaking research every day. Including one Ph.D. candidate who is in the midst of a unique research project on why the cream filling in Oreos are never evenly distributed when you split the cookie. Crystal Owens and her team of researchers came up with the Oreometer to optimize the Oreo experience. The 3d printed device uses pennies and rubber bands to create a scientifically perfect split. The result still doesn’t produce an even split, which the team believes the manufacturing process has something to do with it, and they say the solution is in the wafers.

Netflix has announced that it lost 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter, the first decline in more than a decade. A sharp drop in subscribers sent Netflix shares into freefall Wednesday, forcing the company to crack down on millions of people who use passwords shared by friends or family. The company is exploring a cheaper subscription service that would be supported by ads, similar to what’s offered by Hulu, Peacock, and others.

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