Community Health Workers are more than just frontline public health workers. Rosalinda Medrano-Green, Assistant Director of Community Programs of UAMS Community Health & Research adds, “They are a trusted member of their community with a unique understanding of that community. Our Community Health Workers are bilingual in Spanish and Marshallese and can help provide language services. They can help you find a doctor. They can help figure out if you qualify for insurance and help you connect to any other assistance that you might need.”

UAMS Community Health and Research is one of two approved training programs. “Our training is a comprehensive training made up of 80 hours of core competency, as well as 80 hours of supplemental training. And at the end of the program, the trainees are eligible to receive college credit. We have partnered with the University of Arkansas Hope Texarkana to offer that option for them.”

As of July six, Community Health Worker is officially a recognized state title in Arkansas. “Our team at UAMS partners and leaders across the state have long advocated for this and this will allow those that are doing this work to be recognized for it. You can learn more about the community health worker training program or get connected with a Community Health Worker by visiting”