Arkansas Children's Northwest Helps Twin Boys

SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KNWA) -- - Arkansas Children's Northwest Hospital is open for business and has already made a difference to a number of local kids.

The Barenberg twins are two of of the many patients who have been operated on at the new hospital this year.

"They thought acid reflux. It wasn't acid reflux. It wasn't his formula. They did more testing and it was actually Pyloric Stinosis," said Kourtni Barenberg, the boys mother.

At less than a few months old, Landry couldn't keep down food. So Barenberg was referred to ACNW. 

That's when the family was introduced to Dr. Marceene Mcvay and discovered the young boy needed surgery to help food better flow through his stomach. After surgery and a few days in the hospital, Landry was sent home, but as mom and baby were on their way out, Kourtni received some news she couldn't believe.

"Our surgeon Doctor McVey said as I was leaving, now since they are twins you also have the chance of his brother to have the same thing. I kind of laughed her off and said, 'Ya, what are the chances," said Barenberg.

Sure enough two weeks later Barenberg was back but this time with big brother River, who was also under the care of Dr. McVay. 

"I talked to the mom about how the sibling may subsequently develop symptoms that would be consistent with that, and sure enough that's what happened. In a couple weeks his brother River developed the same symptoms and his mom knew exactly where to come," said Dr. McVay.

Both brothers are now doing great, and Barenberg added she wouldn't take her kids anywhere else.

"I've said over and over to all of my family and friends that I am so thankful for this hospital. I really am and im glad to know that its right here and only a 45 minute drive away now," Barenberg said.

The Springdale based hospital is the first of its kind in Northwest Arkansas.

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