Children’s advocacy centers in Arkansas are celebrating the work done by lawmakers in the 92nd General Assembly.

Both sides of the aisle passed major laws to increase our children’s safety. Among those bills, change to the juvenile justice system and more attention to human trafficking. 

Arkansas Advocates For Children and Families says the state made big steps in the justice system giving kids resources and community centers to turn to instead of ending up behind bars.

Arkansas Senator for District 4, Greg Leding (D) worked on multiple children advocacy bills in the session including raising the marriage age to 17-year-old. 

He says while they had a lot of success this year there’s always room for improvement, especially in the school system.

“Anytime we address public education or education period in Arkansas we’re doing something that hopefully that will put children in a stronger position to succeed when they become adults. I really think one of the best investments we can make is education,” says Leding. 

“In a state like Arkansas, your phone call or a conversation with your legislator makes a big difference and I don’t think enough people know that. Be proactive, talk to your legislators, tell them what you need and what your family needs,” Lynn Carver, Northwest Arkansas Local.

The next session takes place in January 2021.

Senator Leding says they have plenty of time to reboot and get even more issues passed to protect children in the natural state.