Bethel Heights Police investigating dog shot by cop


"I've never experienced something so heartbreaking in my life"

BETHEL HEIGHTS, Ark. (KFTA) — Bethel Heights Police are investigating after a dog was shot in the yard of a home by one of their own.

According to 18-year-old Gisselle Ramirez seeing a dog get shot was the most heartbreaking thing she has ever seen in her life.

On Thursday, August 15, Ramirez called the Bethel Heights Police Department to come get a dog that ended up on her porch.

“It just really hurts me because all we wanted to do was help her and they had to come and do that to her,” she said.

Bethel Heights Officer Stan Young responded to her call and went to Ramirez’s home.

“They asked me if the dog was vicious and I told them that no she wasn’t,” Ramirez said.

While he was on the scene, Officer Young said the dog bared its teeth and came after him, according to Bethel Heights Corporal Chasity Mahan.

“Therefore he had to draw his duty weapon and shoot the animal,” Corporal Mahan said.

The dog was shot in the leg.

Corporal Mahan could only give FOX 24 News limited information since they are still investigating, but she said when the Chief gets back he will look at all sides of the story.

“He will make sure that everyone’s integrity is intact and that the community is safe because that’s really the big picture,” she said.

Chief Rick Moore will be back from vacation on September 2, according to Corporal Mahan.

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Ramirez said she wants Officer Young to face consequences for shooting the dog.

“The day it happened, I couldn’t sleep because all I could see was the picture of her being shot and the way that she just cried and ran away,” she said. “It just really hurt me, I knew that what he had done was wrong.”

Corporal Mahan said this incident is something the police department will be looking into when Chief Moore gets back.

“We want to make sure the community feels safe and to see if there something we could’ve done better,” she said. “Our main goal is to connect with our community and keep our communities trust and build that respect and keep that respect.”

FOX 24 NEWS spoke with the dog’s owner, Kevin Ritchey.

Ritchey said his dog, Sasha, has never been aggressive towards anyone.

He said she is currently at the Springdale Animal Hospital and he hasn’t gotten to see her yet.

According to Ritchey, Sasha is sedated and will be needing an amputation.

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