Climate Changes Negotiated at UN Climate Talks


Two weeks after tense negotiations leaders from nearly 200 countries have finally agreed on universal transparent climate change rules.

The agreement made at the United Nations Climate talks in Poland, is aimed at cutting emissions and curbing global warming. 

“It is so decided!” 

A landmark decision to curb climate change. 

Leaders from 190 countries brokered a deal at a 2-week long united nations summit in Poland. 

The “rulebook” allows countries to put into action the principles in the 2015 Paris Climate Change Accord.

Which the Trump Administration has promised to abandon. 

“Right now we’re facing a man-made disaster of global scale. Our greatest threat in thousands of years,” said British Naturalist, Sir David Attenborough.

Among the key agreements- a deal on how countries should report their greenhouses gas emissions and the efforts they’re taking to reduce them. 

Poor countries also secured guarantees for financial support to help them cut emissions.

However, two major climate change issues were kicked down the road for 2019. 

Activists and scientists are concerned that governments are not responding to global warming fast enough. 

A recent report by the inter-governmental panel on climate change also lays out dire forecast. 

It found the world has only about 12 years to avoid one-point-five degrees celsius of warming above pre-industrial levels.

And that global warming could worsen disasters like the deadly california wildfires and powerful hurricanes that hit the U.S. this year.

“We need new technologies. we need new food systems transportation systems. we need to make climate change a voting issue,” said Conservation International Climate Leader 
Shyla Raghav.

The U.S. was among the countries that pushed back the hardest at the summit.

As scientists urged world leaders to take action now before it’s too late. 

“You must lead. The continuation of our civilizations and the natural world upon which we depend, is in your hands,” said Attenborough.

President Trump has promised to withdraw the United States, which has done more to cause climate change historically than any other country, from the Paris agreement. 

However, that withdrawal can’t fully take place until 2020.

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