7,257 miles. That’s how far Staff Sergeant William Cooper traveled to read “Harold and The Purple Crayon” to Miss Trollinger’s first grade class. This is a little different than what he’s used to. 

“I use software to manipulate satellite imagery to make what we call tactical decision aids,” said Staff Sergeant Cooper. 

Staff Sergeant Cooper’s daughter, Myra, hadn’t seen her dad since last year when he deployed to Kuwait. 

“She’s probably going to smile first and then start crying,” said Staff Sergeant Cooper. 

Myra had no idea her dad was the one reading to her class today, until he walked through the door. 

“I thought it was like someone else because I thought daddy was still away. We get to have more daddy daughter dates and I get to have my best friend back and I’m very happy and glad,” said Myra. 

Staff Sergeant Cooper says that things have changed quite a bit in Northwest Arkansas. Even things like the Amazeum weren’t complete before he left for his last deployment.

This pair plans on exploring the museum and all of Northwest Arkansas while Sergeant Cooper is home. 

 Monopoly, battleship, vacation, outside time are just a few things Myra Cooper wants to do while Dad is home.